2017/2018 Dance Schedule

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**Schedule is subject to change**


Studio A Studio B
4-5pm **Movement (2-3yrs)
5-6pm Ballet/Tap  (4-5yrs) 5-6pm Ballet (open levels 2,3,4)
6-7pm Intermediate Contemporary 6-7pm Advanced Contemporary
7-8pm Intermediate Acro 7-8pm Advanced Acro


Studio A Studio B
10-11am **Movement (2-3yrs)  5-6pm  Adv Tap
5-6pm Int Tap 6-7pm Advanced Jazz/Turns/Leaps
6-7pm Intermediate Jazz/Turns/Leaps 7-8pm  Red Team


Studio A Studio B/C
4-5pm Ballet/Tap (4-5 yrs)  5-6pm  Ballet/Tap (6-8 yrs)
5-6pm **Movement (2-3yrs) 6-7pm Beginner Acro


Studio A Studio B
5-6pm Ballet/Tap (6-8yrs)  5-6pm ***Pre-Pointe/Pointe
6-7pm Ballet 2 6-7pm Ballet 3&4
7-8 Pilates 7-8pm *Black Team  and  *Red Team


Studio A Studio B/C
5-6pm Beginner Jazz/Hip Hop 5-6pm Intermediate Hip Hop
6-7pm Beginner Lyrical 6-7pm Advanced Hip Hop
*Auditions required for these classes
**Movement is a combination of Ballet/Tap/Acrobatics
***This class is by invitation only.  Dancers need to also be in Open Ballet as well as Ballet 2, 3, or 4.
Dancers will remain at current level unless notified otherwise


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