2016/2017 Dance Schedule

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**Schedule is subject to change**


Studio A Studio B/C
4-5pm **Movement 5:30-6:30pm Ballet (open levels 2,3,4)
5-6pm Ballet/Tap  (4-5yrs) 6:30-7:30pm *Red & Elite Choreography
6:30-7:30pm Intermediate Contemporary 7:30-8:30pm Advanced Contemporary


Studio A Studio B/C
4:30-5:30pm Ballet/Tap (6-8 yrs)
5:30-6:30pm Silver Choreography 5:30-6:30pm Black Choreography
6:30-7:30pm Ballet 2 7-8pm Pilates


Studio A Studio B/C
4-5pm Ballet/Tap (4-5 yrs)
5-6pm Student Choreography/Improv – Int-Adv 5-6pm Beginner Acrobatics
6-7pm Intermediate Acrobatics 6-7pm Advanced Acrobatics
7-8pm Intermediate Jazz and Turns & Leaps 7-8pm Advanced Jazz and Turns & Leaps


Studio A Studio B/C
5:30-6:30pm Pre-Pointe/Pointe 5-6pm Ballet/Tap (6-8 yrs)
6:30-7:30pm Ballet 3&4 6-7pm Intermediate Tap
7:30-8:30pm Advanced Tap 7-8pm Pilates


Studio A Studio B/C
4-5pm **Movement
5-6pm Beginner Jazz/Hip Hop 5-6pm Intermediate Hip-Hop
6-7pm Student Choreography/Improv/Lyrical  – Beginner 6-7pm Advanced Hip-Hop
*Auditions required for these classes
**Movement is a combination of Ballet/Tap/Acrobatics
Dancers will remain at current level unless notified otherwise


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